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Chrissy Victoria:

Incredible Eyes that are of and can create The Purest Flame!

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Artfully Posed Photography

Glamour Photography

For many years, Glamor Photography has been the specialty of RJT Images and Light Works Studio. Whether it is creating imagery to build a modeling portfolio, beauty looks, pictures as gifts for husbands or boyfriends, or now more commonly images to be used in the glamor articles and features I build for five different magazines, sexy and tasteful glamor is the province of excellence at RJT Images. Trusting to proven skills and extensive knowledge is the best way to produce the finest glamor images possible.

Outdoor Photography

The Great Outdoors is as spectacular a studio as can be found. Here in New England, indoor studio season is pretty much November through early May. Once May comes around, all manner of outdoor imagery can be produced, like fashion, light glamor, beach looks and fitness. Finding the right location that can make that beautiful idea come to life is something only experience and knowledge can bring. The best outdoor looks are what set apart the professionals from the amateurs.

Studio Photography

My 2400 sq. ft. studio is the home of my diverse ability to create imagery such as commercial fashion, fitness/sports, maternity/family portraiture and very specialized pictures for the advertising needs of companies. While this is not all the types of images I create, it is a clear look at the various offerings to be had at Light Works Studio through RJT Images. Clients are encouraged to dream big and create with an eye to careful planning when it comes to seeing their ideas turn into photography. While I am always excited about collaborative efforts, my studio enshrines the ideals of serving the precise needs of the client.

Our Recent Shoots

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