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New Indoor Glamor Workshop with Lily Marie!

Indoor Glamour Workshops – $250.00

All indoor Glamor Workshops focus on either lighting techniques or posing techniques as the main agenda. Secondary agenda also incorporates interfacing with models, Industry standards and post-work techniques. Lighting workshops usually feature one studio model. Posing workshops feature two studio models.

All my workshops are always limited to 3 participants to increase one-on-one shoot time with models and maximize learning opportunities. Most workshops are cheaper, but are thronged with shutterbugs pushing each other around and no one learns anything.


  • 5 hour workshop
  • 1 model with a mix of lingerie, swimwear and implieds
  • 3 hours of direct instruction and shooting time
  • 1 interactive discussion and 1 hour image review and critique
  • Light Works Studio, 75 Webster Street, Worcester MAIndoor - Lily Marie - post. See the flyer

What will be covered:

  • Working with the model – Do’s and Do not’s
  • Choosing the backgrounds
  • Lighting for dramatic effect in low key and high key
  • Using studio props for composition and perspective
  • Posing techniques for the model to improve the dramatic glamor look


  • Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)
  • Lens of at least a focal length of 50mm.
  • Good working knowledge of your camera.  The following areas are critical that you know:
    • Using single focus area
    • Using F Stop, ISO and Shutter speed settings
    • Using manual mode
  • A desire to learn

What will be provided:

  • Lighting
    • Studio Strobe Lights for indoor shooting
    • Gridded softboxes,  beauty dishes and conical reflectors
    • Radio controlled trigger and receivers to fire the lighting
  • Model Releases

Registration, deposit, cancellation and refund information:

A $100.00 registration fee and deposit will be required to reserve your spot. The deposit will be applied to the final workshop cost. Checks or money orders must be sent to:

Rick Trottier, PO Box 3606, Worcester MA 01613

The balance due will be on the day of the workshop and I will accept cash, money orders or personal checks made out to Rick Trottier.

**Cancellations up to 3 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop date will receive a full refund of the deposit.
**Cancellations within the 3 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop will forfeit the deposit.

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